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What is going on with the Former Heanor Grammar School?            Update

Where we are up to?

  • The entire site was purchased by Vale Property Ltd in May 2016

  • In September 2017 Vale submitted a planning application for the conversion of the listed building into 24 apartments and the construction of 19 dwellings on the surrounding site.

  • The application did not meet the National planning requirements, the requirements of Amber Valley Borough Council’s Development brief for the site, or Historic England’s standards relating to the building’s listed status

  • A large number of objections were submitted by both the public and stakeholders, such as Historic England, War Memorial Trust, and Heanor and Loscoe Town Council.

  • Planning deadlines were set for December 2017, and March, June and September 2018 at which time the application was recommended for rejection by the planning officers.

  • Finally, in November 2018 the Planning Board threw out the application describing it as 'The Worst' Planning application they had ever received.

  • The site is back on the market (October 2020).

  • The Asset of Community Value moratorium has been invoked by Heanor Grammar School Action Group CIO, preventing any sale before the 25th of April 2021.

  • Amber Valley Borough Council has been successful in its bid for the Future High Street Fund and will receive £8,592,837 from the government to improve the Town. This includes funding for the acquisition and redevelopment of the former Grammar school site. As long as it all goes to plan it's a big step in the right direction.

The state of the building and the site: -

  • The building is evidently being allowed to fall into a state of disrepair

  • Security has been inadequate and break-ins, vandalism and damage to the property were happening regularly. 

  • Damage to roofs and windows has led to internal damage cause by rainwater and pigeons.

  • Because this is a Grade II listed building, the local authority is responsible for ensuring that the owners maintain it to an adequate standard.

  • Early in 2019 AVBC took action to surround the Listed Building with security fencing to keep intruders out. This has only been partially effective.

  • However, it is clear that no repairs to the structure have been carried out so it continues to degrade.


Who is Responsible?

  • As the owners, Vale Property Ltd are wholly responsible for the state of the building and the grounds and have a legal obligation to keep the listed building secure and protected from harm as well as in good repair.

  • Amber Valley Borough Council, have both the authority and the power to enforce maintenance of the listed building.

  • Historic England also have a responsibility to ensure the proper maintenance of Listed Buildings.


What the public can do: -

  • Keep a close eye on the site and be persistent about reporting anything they see that concerns them to the relevant authorities

Join the Heanor Grammar School Action Group  CIO

The Heanor Grammar School CIO is looking for members to join.  There are two types of membership - voting and non-voting.  If you would like to join please download the application form which is below and return it to the address on the form.  Please note that to join as a voting member, you must pay £10.  Please send a cheque with your application form.  The objects of the CIO are the preservation

and protection of the former Heanor Grammar School which is Grade II listed within Heanor, Derbyshire.


What Heanor Grammar School Action Group are doing: -

  • All of the above

  • Keeping the public informed

  • Keeping the heritage agencies and the authorities aware of the issues

  • Preparing for all possible outcomes.

  • Working with AVBC and their consultants on the Futures High Street Funding bid.

Things that will NOT help Heanor get the development it deserves on this site: -


  • Campaign fatigue, defeatism & apathy such as; saying ‘Turning it into flats would be better than letting it fall apart’.

Heanor deserves better. Don't give up!

Welcome to our website which tells you about our campaign to save the former Heanor Grammar School for the use of the community.  The counter above tells you how many days we have left to do that. 


Heanor is in the midst of Derbyshire, and set amongst rolling countryside.  An old market town, it has a beautiful market place surrounded by ancient buildings.  It also has a huge Grade II listed building, which was the Heanor Grammar School until 1976.  We're fighting to save the building for the use of the community. 


We're looking for change for Heanor - and we want everyone to help.  So look around our site - link in with us on Facebook or Twitter.  And, most of all, get involved with our campaign.  Let's regenerate Heanor!

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