Stand by us


We work with local partners who have similar aims and we will gladly put a link on our website or retweet or help you if we can.  Our current partners are:


- FOHG (Friends of Heanor Grammar School).


We would like to thank Heanor History Society and Derbyshire County Council for some of the photos on this site - and also acknowledge other unknown photographers who had their photos on the internet which we have used.


More information about the Heanor Grammar School can be found on the Heanor History Society's page.


We want to have productive partnerships with everyone who can help to make our area a better place.  We believe that we must have cross-party political support - so we want everyone to work with us, because it's about our community, not about politics.  If you want to partner with us and to show your support, please get in touch on the contact page. 


We do want to link in with other organisations who have similar aims to us, and so we'd like to hear from people who are also trying to help their community or who want to.  Please use the contact form to get in touch.