Heanor Grammar School Action Group

We have formed a group called the Heanor Grammar School Action Group (HGSAG).  Our aims are:


  • To investigate the feasibility of the community acquiring the building and being responsible for all related operational activities;

  • To liaise with the community of Heanor and surrounding districts to establish the most appropriate use for the Heanor Grammar School and surrounding estate;

  • To preserve, restore, enhance and share the historic aspects, both architecturally and socially, to the community;

  • To create a sustainable business plan for the HGS site that incorporates a multipurpose facility to accommodate the furtherance of both academic and social opportunities for the community for generations to come in perpetuity;

  • To support the regeneration of Heanor and promote community cohesion;

  • To identify and secure grant and capital funding and on-going sources of revenue income;

  • To create a sustainable and workable development that can be delivered by a carefully selected management group in the long te


We are keen that people respect each other and we believe in equal opportunities for all.

Show a little Respect


Please respect others when you are on social media, blogging, texting or commenting.  Please don't swear (which we define as the use of words which would offend others).  Just communicate!  There is no need to be offensive, so just let everyone have their say and make sure that you haven't hurt other people by your words or actions. 


Don't forget - "the pen is mightier than the sword".  It's a rule for us - you can hurt others by using words that upset them.  So don't do it! 

We believe in equality


We believe that everyone should respect other people - whoever they are. 


We won't accept racism, sexism or anything that hurts other people's feelings in either our website or social media.  Anything that breaks this rule, will have to be removed.


We believe in equal opportunities for all, regardless of their age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability or disability.